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Press Release :

Localisation :

  • The Soissons Ni-Cu-Co project is located approximately 150 kilometers south-east of Kuujjuaq, Quebec, and 250 kilometers west of the Voisey’s Bay mine, Labrador.

Property :

  • 175 claims covering approximately 82 square kilometers.

Highlights :

  • Covers a series of Ni-Cu-Co showings associated with two distinct troctolite to olivine-bearing gabbronorites (Soissons intrusive suite).
  • Previous exploration in 2001-2002 revealed the following Ni-Cu-Co grades in grab samples: 

    • 1.22% Ni, 0.5% Cu, 0.06% Co; 1.03% Ni, 0.47% Cu, 0.05% Co (Papavoine showing);
    • 0.63% Ni, 0.15% Cu, 0.04% Co (A14-1W showing)
    • 0.67% Ni, 0.43% Cu, 0.05% Co (A14-1E showing)
    • 0.30% Ni, 0.29% Cu, 0.03% Co (A17-1 showing)
  • A limited drilling campaign in 2001 (9 drillholes) also revealed the following grades: 

    • 1.07% Ni, 0.23% Cu, 0.09% Co / 0.75m; 0.55% Ni, 0.43% Cu, 0.03% Co / 1.7m (Papavoine);
    • 0.57% Ni, 0.29% Cu, 0.03% Co / 1.0m (Papavoine West)
    • Large intervals (tens of meters) of disseminated sulfides with nickel values between 0.1% and 0.2%.
  • Unexplained and untested off-hole borehole electromagnetic anomalies have been identified from previous exploration, laterally from the zones of disseminated sulfides
  • Recent geochronological work by the Geological survey of Canada recently returned an age of 1311±1.1 Ma for the host troctolite/gabbronorite intrusions, close to the age of the Voisey’s Bay troctolite (1332.7±1 Ma), host to the world-class Ni-Cu-Co Voisey’s Bay deposit. The Soissons intrusions also belong to the Nain plutonic suite (1330 to 1290 Ma). 
  • Ni-Cu tenors (grades recalculated to 100% sulfides) are clustered around 3-4% Ni and 2-3% Cu, similar to the Discovery Hill orebody at Voisey’s Bay.
  • Mineralization occurs as disseminated to blotchy sulfides in troctolite, olivine gabbronorite, in basal magmatic breccias with partly assimilated paragneisses, and in footwall gneisses. 
  • Mineralized basal magmatic breccias indicate a very dynamic magmatic environment, a feature very favorable for Ni-Cu-Co deposits - upgrading of Ni-Cu-Co grades.

Partnership :

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